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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Insights from the LIGHT ON conference 02/12/2014
The LIGHT ON conference offered wide points of view on ways to counter racism, join efforts from different actors and support victims.
SIMPLE seminars & workshop: LANGUAGE DIVERSITY AND FAIR CITIZENS' SERVICES - Rovinj, 4-5 March 2013 26/02/2013
The Region of Istria, the Lead partner of the project SIMPLE, has organized two seminars and an open workshop themed on language as an identity marker and as a tool to make services more accessible
EIF call for transnational Community Actions 2012-2013 15/01/2013
The Directorate General Home Affairs of the European Commission launched a call for project proposals to be funded under the Community Actions program of the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals (EIF)
The European CSR Award Scheme 18/12/2012
The Award aims to prize excellence in innovative multistakeholder projects. Watch the video for more info!
New report: hate crime in the EU 05/12/2012
A new study from the Fundamental Rights Agency suggests strategies to Make hate crime visible in the European Union
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