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Communicating Anti-Racism
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PROGETTI SOCIALI LTD Social Enterprise was born in Pescara in November 2008: it is a social enterprise, established as a limited liability non-profit company, in accordance with the Italian Decree. No 155/2006.

Progetti Sociali is acting, nowadays, in a globalized contest where the social dimension is declined in many disciplines, ranging beyond the traditional humanities and social sciences. In addition to expressions of common use, as social capitalism, social market economy, socially sustainable development, are emerging, in the contemporary framework of services and expertise designed to meet the needs of the community, new variations of disciplines that were until now not  socially oriented such as social architecture, social technology, social design, social physics, social communication, social web, etc., which are becoming areas of activity for a social enterprise.

In this scenario of innovation, dynamism and diversity of perspectives, Progetti Sociali aims to achieve objectives of general interest, oriented towards the social change and improvement and towards people wellbeing through the exercise of economic activities organized in order to produce and exchange of goods and services of social value and utility.

The Social Enterprise is based on the principles of social equality, sustainable development, centrality of the person, community social economy, subsidiarity, interdisciplinarity, integration and interexchange of knowledge, technologies, cultures, for the realization of the common good.

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