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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Why a social enterprise

Progetti Sociali chose, since its establishment, being one of the first in Italy, to be a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, as an instrument of great innovative potential, able to combine the growth of economic value but non-profit of the company with the prospect of public interest and social utility that characterizes all enterprise’s activities. It is, therefore, a company in the sense of the term, a LTD, but not for profit, and has a responsibility not limited to mere economic aspect.

The culture of social enterprise and social entrepreneurs is now growing worldwide. Already in 1963, Bill Drayton coined the term, and since 1980 its foundation Ashoka promotes this new philosophy of business. Today, they are born different communities and social networks between business companies and social entrepreneurs: from Changemakers to I-genius to Social Edge to UnLtdWorld to OneWorld.

Progetti Sociali shares with these experiences the common denominators of a vision oriented to social change and organizational innovation, the creation of new forms of social business (as defined by Muhammad Yunus in A World Without Poverty), able to establish objectives for the solution of social problems, other than personal profit according to the conventional capitalistic theory, the multidimensionality of human resources, the possibility to decline these principles in all economic sectors and disciplines.

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