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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Services for Association and no-profit Bodies

Progetti Sociali proposes to associations and third sector actors services and specialistic assistance in order to reinforce ans innovate the capacity to be present and protagonists of the new scanarios of the contemporary civil society, and for the development of new possibilities of intervention for the weel-being of people.

The offered services are:


Consultancy in the application for project proposals financed by European, national, and regional public calls
Global planning consultancy (architectural, economic, managerial, evaluation) for the preparation of social projects and assistance to the management of social, service, research, including project financing, infrastructures for no profit bodies that want to realise innovative projects within their aims and purposes
Consultancy in planning, management, and evaluation of plans and programmes in the social field (social plans, employment plans, local development plans, etc.)
Consultancy for the drafting of social budgeting and other social accountability systems 


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