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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Nowadays the world is searching for new forms to manage the reality. The transformations that are taking place thanks to techniques, IT, the improvement of knowledge, are re-designing the society, its inter-connections, its systems and its products.

Progetti Sociali takes a creative approach, in line with these dynamic trends of contemporaneity: it is a new area of research, design and expression, that combines the character of enterprise, oriented towards the growth of its economic value but not lucrative, with the mission to achieve objectives of general interest, turned towards the change and social improvement and wellbeing of people.

Progetti Sociali put itself in for both as an instrument of consultancy advice, information, technical assistance and support for all the Actors of social improvement, and as direct protagonist of innovation processes in the community of citizens, through autonomous initiatives or in partnership with other and local, regional, national and international bodies.

Planning, organization, implementation, training, research, information, communication are the cornerstones of the services system of Progetti Sociali.

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