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Communicating Anti-Racism
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The multidisciplinary expertise of Progetti Sociali professionals, acquired and tested by a team work successfully completed in the last 10 years, are the key to open a window on local, national, and international reality, to pursue potential opportunities and criticalities, and represent the necessary framework to analyze, understand and focus conditions and external situations, and to respond to the multifarious needs of citizens.


Progetti Sociali work team is composed by:

Andrea Bollini
Responsible of Planning and Service Area
Gianluca Antonucci
Responsible of Research and Partnership Area
Gabriele Di Marcantonio
Responsible of Planning and Project Management
Adele Di Marcello
Responsible of Administration and Management Area
Ercole Vincenzo Orsini
Responsible of Communication and Network Area
Marco Pichelli
Responsible of Accountability and Finance Area


The local network of collaborations activated by Progetti Sociali with professionals, social enterprises, and associations with social competence and expertise in specific different areas (social sustainable development, architecture and urban planning, personal services, services for disabled people, abused and mistreated children, women victims of violence, linguistic-cultural mediation, technological innovation, etc.) ensures the best technical and operative support for the design and implementation of social projects.

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