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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Project SIMPLE

Title and acronym

Strengthening the Identity of Minority People Leads to Equality - S.I.M.P.L.E.


  • Region of istriana (Croatia) - Lead Beneficiary
  • Italian Union of Fiume (Croatia)
  • Social Projects l.t.d.Social Enterprise (Italy)
  • Region of Abruzzp (Italy)
  • Institute of International Sociology Gorizia (Italy)
  • Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of Montenegro (Montenegro)
  • Municipality of Durres (Albania)
  • Cooperation and Development Institute - CDI (Albania)
  • Italian Union Capodistria (Slovenia)


The project SIMPLE is financed by the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013. The project placed 6th in the ranking list of the first call for proposals under the Priority 1 - Economic, social and institutional cooperation (Measure 1.4 - Institutional Cooperation).
The project (March 2011-February 2014) is an unprecedented and ambitious initiative to joint the Adriatic Countries around the difficult table dedicated to the recognition and actual implementation of the rights of historic and emergent minorities.
The overall objective of the project is to elaborate joint strategies and approaches in the Adriatic Countries for the promotion of the equality and non-discrimination culture, as a basic value for the peacefull coexistence of alle citizens, without distinction of race, religion and ethnic origin.
According to the European Union policies on the non-discrimination and fair opportunities, SIMPLE focuses the following thematic areas:
  • The multilingualism as a tool for the accessibility and fairness of public services;
  • Ethnic identity as a resource for the local development;
  • The cultural identity of minorities for a multi-cultural education systema;
  • Multicultural information and media for an intercultural society;
  • Preventing and combating the social discrimination and violence against women of minorities groups.
The project applies a "multilevel governance" approach to face all the aspects linked to the strengthening of a multiethnic society based on the principle of the diversity coexistence.
The first step consists of the analysis of the real condition of the minorities in the Adriatic Countries, through the Cross-border Laboratory for the promotion of ethnic minorities: under the responsibility of ISIG, a sociological survey and a map of the real living conditions of minority people in the project Countries will be realized (compared to the rights legally foreseen), with the direct involvement of minorities associations in an Adriatic Focus Group. The survey will lead to the elaboration of the Adriatic Action Plan for the promoting and enhancing minority groups and to the creation of the Adriatic Permanent Observatory on Minority Communities.
This first stage is the key for the elaboration of joint strategies for the definition of governance systems on specific areas (multilinguism, local development, education, information and media, violence and discrimination against women), through the preparation of thematic Guidelines describing the concrete organization of the services in the different Adriatic Countries.
The project foresees the concrete experimentation of the created governance models, through the implementation of specific services in local pilot actions.
  • The Multilingual Supporting Agency (Region of Istria);
  • The Multiethnic Economic Development Agency (Municipality of Durres);
  • The intercultural Education Supporting Agency (Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of Montenegro);
  • The Adriatic Multicultural Information & Media Agency (Italian Union of Capodistria);
  • The Minority Women Protection and non-Discrimination Agency (Region of Abruzzo);.
The institutional building programme is completed by the joint specialistic training  for professionals of public and private organizations in all project Countries. Five cycles of seminars will be organized in the involvement Countries, for the training of practitioners and for transferring knowledge and capabilities in the different sectors. Each seminar cycle will foresee the organization of an open thematic workshop for all local stakeholders, in order to ensure a large diffusion and sharing of the governance tools. 

The Work-Plan

  • Adriatic Crossborder Laboratory for ethnic minorities identity promotion;
  • Ethnic identity: the languages diversity and fair citizens' services;
  • Multiculturalism as resource for local development;
  • Supporting cultural diversity for an intercultural education;
  • Multicultural information and media for a multiethnic society;
  • Preventing and combating discrimination and violence against minority women.


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