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Project TINCOM

Title and acronym

Tele-Inclusion Community - TinCom


  • Ud'Anet - Coordinator (Italy)
  • Progetti Sociali s.r.l. Impresa Sociale (Italy)
  • Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion - Inclusion (UK)


The project TINCOM (24 months) addresses the important issue of the youth unemployment in the present contest of economic global crisis: changes in labour demand have increased the disadvantage of low qualified young people, while new technologies are changing the way of engaging communities, delivering public services, participating in government. It is important that younger population learns to take advantage from technology for accessing a job market depending ever more closely on ICT systems. But innovation is a costly process: only few ideas achieve the social market, usually created by a small group of innovators with a limited actual utilization.

For this reason, TINCOM aims to develop innovative ICT-based solutions for the design and realization of services and instruments directed to facilitate the social and job inclusion of young people, particularly of young people with low educational and professional skills.

The project operational centre will be the Web 2.0 community TINCOM Lab, that, according to the methodologies of the Living Labs, will provide a joint European space to the present and potential social innovators (ICT companies, social enterprises, associations, universities, research centers, public authority, etc.), for sharing and exchange innovative ideas and solutions to help young people and the supporting public and private organizations in the job research and placement.

The project will foresee a social experimentation that will take place in two pilots actions in Italy (Pescara, Abruzzo) and United Kingdom (London area) with the test of the online Service for the social and job inclusion of young people, a real e-service that aims to support the primary users (young persons looking for a job) and secondary users (social organizations) to search for job opportunities on the web space, providing also a special support for overcoming the possible digital divide or other gaps in accessing the internet.

The work plan

  • Mapping of the existing experiences on digital inclusion, innovative services and ICT tools applied to social issues;
  • Paper on youth digital inclusion in the EU future scenario;
  • TinCom Lab - European crowdsourcing space for exchangin and launching new ideas for innovative social services;
  • TinCom Lab - Local demonstrative level (pilot actions), with the experimentation of the pilot service for the social and job inclusion of young people in Italy and UK;
  • Evaluation of the results and impacts of the social experimentation;
  • National and European seminars for the presentation of the project results and the future sustainability of the developed ICT tools.

For more information about the project,  it is possible to contact Progetti Sociali (E-mail: - Tel: +39 085 2059470)
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