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La MUSica per l'Inclusione Comunitaria di Giovani Artisti conTro l'Emarginazione sociale - MUSIC GATE


  • Comune di Pescara - Capofila
  • Progetti Sociali s.r.l. Impresa Sociale
  • Associazione Culturale Europea ARS MUSICA
  • Spray Records s.n.c.
  •  Associazione Accademia Musicale Pescarese


MUSIC GATE project was funded by the Fund for Youth Policies - Year 2009, as part of the call issued by the Department of Youth of the Council of Ministers and ANCI, for the financing of actions to support independent youth music production.
The project (September 2010 - December 2011) aims to promote and support young people in carrying out activities related to music production, to be valued both as a professional and socio-recreational resource, and as a channel for community inclusion, participatory and spontaneous of young people at risk of exclusion through the creation of specific information services, specialistic guidance and counseling, aiming to support young people in realizing their own passions and overcome difficult situations.
Project objectives are:
  • Activate a public service aimed at promoting opportunities for youth participation in the world of music, raising, also through a coordinated multisectoral and accessible training program, the ability of young people to orient and/or re-orient their own project of life towards constructive goals for themselves and the others;
  • Activate a stable and participated system for the promotion and dissemination of the activities of young people oriented towards music, with the involvement of youth associations;
  • Support public and private bodies in tackling social personal and economic uneasiness of young people, through a specialized service to socio-relational support, based on inclusion in the community of peers through musical activities.
MUSIC GATE experiments an innovative and novel methodological approach to the socio-spatial context of reference, which combines two key factors for the implementation of modern and effective youth and social policies:
  • Direct involvement of young people and associations in the realization of cultural, able to express the creative energy of young people and to foster integration and dialogue between generations and cultures (EC Communication No. 498-2007);
  • Contrast the conditions of youth problems, due to “new forms of social inequality and [...] new cultural gaps between different groups of young people" (EU 2001 White Paper “A New Impetus for European Youth”), in a town that shows the increasing uniformity of lifestyles of young people, accompanied by a dangerous polarization of opportunities, which increases social tensions and the exclusion of disadvantaged young people from their peers.

Project activities

  • Municipal City Counter for information, guidance and promotion of musical activities
  • Specialist Service Music Tutorship for personalised inclusion in musical paths of young people in difficult conditions
  • Laboratory for basis of sound engineer
  • Experimental laboratory for young singers
  • Laboratory courses for young bands
  • Personalised musical paths for youth at risk
  • Constitution of the Youth Network for music
  • Local program for the active involvement of Young People
  • Youth festival 


The project is in progress. Materials and documents will be published as soon as available

To request further information on the project,  it is possible to contact Progetti Sociali (E-mail: - Tel: +39 085 2059470)

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