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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Insights from the LIGHT ON conference

On the 27th of November, LIGHT ON partners met in L’Aquila (Italy), together with European and national representatives, NGOs, law enforcement officers, practitioners and students for an open discussion about the impact of newer forms of racism and ways to respond to discriminatory manifestations.

In the morning, guest speakers included Shane O'Curry, from ENAR Ireland, who presented iReport, a racist incidents reporting system, and Vincenzo Cucco, who besides being responsible for the anti-discrimination center of the Piedmont Region, has also supported the Light ON project as part of its Advisory Board.

Partners presented the tools developed within the project: the visual database, the Bliki, the training manual and anti-discrimination toolkit, the practical guide Spot Racism Online and the video realized by the National Watching Points.

The morning sessions has also hosted the roundtable on how to use the LIGHT ON tools to counter racism, with national and European speakers: Marinella Sclocco, Commissioner for Social Policies and Equal Opportunities of the Abruzzo Region; Joël Le Dérof, Policy Officer at ENAR; Gabor Daróczi, from Romaversitas (Hungary); Veronika Bajt, from the Peace Institute (Slovenia); Jussi Förbom, from Finnish Ombudsman for Minorities; Zrinka Bralo, from the Forum (UK); Lucia Gori, from the OSCAD, the Italian Observatory for the protection against discriminatory acts and Paola Di Lazzaro, from the Italian agency against discrimination (UNAR).

During the morning the project partners distributed feedback cards among the participants; then comments were elaborated in a Prezi presentation discussed in the afternoon, during the “Blue Sky Thinking” and Q&A sessions.

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