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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Insights from the LIGHT ON conference 02/12/2014
The LIGHT ON conference offered wide points of view on ways to counter racism, join efforts from different actors and support victims.
SIMPLE seminars & workshop: LANGUAGE DIVERSITY AND FAIR CITIZENS' SERVICES - Rovinj, 4-5 March 2013 26/02/2013
The Region of Istria, the Lead partner of the project SIMPLE, has organized two seminars and an open workshop themed on language as an identity marker and as a tool to make services more accessible
EIF call for transnational Community Actions 2012-2013 15/01/2013
The Directorate General Home Affairs of the European Commission launched a call for project proposals to be funded under the Community Actions program of the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals (EIF)
The European CSR Award Scheme 18/12/2012
The Award aims to prize excellence in innovative multistakeholder projects. Watch the video for more info!
New report: hate crime in the EU 05/12/2012
A new study from the Fundamental Rights Agency suggests strategies to Make hate crime visible in the European Union
LIGHT ON: new project approved by the European Commission 30/11/2012
Progetti Sociali will team up with 8 European organizations for a project combating ethnical discrimination expressed through language and symbols
EIGE's Resource & Documentation Centre (RDC) 30/11/2012
The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) published online the largest and most updated collection of European and national documents with data, statistics and other information on gender-based violence
DAPHNE III: list of projects approved 29/11/2012
Progetti Sociali will soon launch SPEAK UP, one of the transnational project that will be realized within the DAPHNE III program. The partnership includes organizations from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland
The European Commission published the checklist for diversity management 29/11/2012
Within the program supporting of diversity management, the European Commission created an operational tool to evaluate work practices
Project SIMPLE: the Anti-discrimination Agency for minority and migrant women opens in Pescara 28/11/2012
Today the Region of Abruzzo, partner of the project SIMPLE (Strenghtening the identity of Minority people leads to equality), presented the Anti-discrimination agency for minority and migrant women, which will be open to the public from December 10.
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