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EIF call for transnational Community Actions 2012-2013

The Directorate General Home Affairs of the European Commission launched a call for project proposals to be funded under the Community Actions program of the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals (EIF).

The projects should respond of at least one of the following priorities and related objectives:

Priority 1: Local action to enhance migrants' economic, social, cultural and political participation
Specific objectives:

  • Promote effective cooperation between national, regional and local administrations to support integration;
  • Promote the engagement of the receiving communities in interacting with the migrants, based on the mutual respect of their rights, obligations and different cultures;
  • Remove obstacles to migrants' political participation and increase their involvement in the formulation and implementation of integration and mainstream policies;
  • Ensure equal treatment and improve diversity management in public and private work places, service provision, education systems, media and other important arenas.

Priority 2: Cooperation with source countries in fostering integration
Specific objectives:

  • Impact analysis of pre-departure information and training in order to support the integrationprocess;
  • Promote measures to map, assess and validate migrants' qualifications and professionalexperiences;
  • Explore the links between the integration process and transnational mobility.

Priority 3: Governance and effectiveness of integration measures
Specific objectives:

  • Promote effective governance of integration strategies and programmes;
  • Promote gender mainstreaming in integration measures in order to ensure equal opportunities for disadvantaged migrant men or migrant women;
  • Assess the effectiveness of integration measures, in particular measures targeting particularly vulnerable migrant groups, such as women, elderly, and children; including unaccompanied minors and victims of trafficking.

The deadline to submit the project proposal is at 12.00 of the 26.02.2013

Click here for an info sheet of the project proposal (in Italian)

Progetti Sociali is available either to provide technical assistance for the elaboration of projects and to hear partnership proposals from European organizations interested in participating in this call.  (Tel. 085 2059470 - E-mail:

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