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Communicating Anti-Racism
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Communicating on anti-discrimination

In this page you cand find a selection of videos that contain effective messages agaist racial discrimination.

Il filo tra due mondi (UNAR, 2011)


UNAR, Italy's National Anti Racial Discrimination Office, realized this short video as part of the social campaign aimed at supporting the role of migrant women. Directed by Serafino Murri.


Che cos'é la discriminazione? (Region of Emilia Romagna, 2011)


Within its campaign against discrimination, the Emilia Romagna region in cooperation with the network MIER produced ??a few commercials against racism.


State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous People (Minority Rights Group International, 2011)

In July 2011 Minority Rights Group International has produced this video to promote the launch its annual publication "State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous People". In 2011 the publication was themed on discrimination against women belonging to ethnic minorities, who are often exposed to disproportionately higher levels of violence in situations of conflict and in times of peace.

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